Build Your First Udemy Course for 2020 – Unofficial udemy coupon

Build Your First Udemy Course for 2020 - Unofficial

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Course Description

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  • Over 136,000 people from 194 countries enrolled in Jimmy’s courses

  • Featured in “Entrepreneur”, “FoxNews” and “Business Insider” magazines

  • Winner of the first Udemy Innovation Award

  • Overall, 14,000+ TOP Reviews 

  • Speaker at international stages such as DNX, MindvalleyU, Digital|K and WeFest Japan

  • Explored 76 countries while running entrepreneurial ventures

  • Co-authored the international bestseller: Ignite Your Life for Men

    This course is a complete blueprint for creating online courses. I’m going to show you exactly what strategies I have used to attract over 136,000  clients, generate well over $1,000,000 in sales while traveling to over 76 countries around the world.

     Congratulations for  your commitment to create a bestselling Udemy course.

                                           What some customers say about my courses:

“Great! Now I know how to do a course! Thanks Jimmy!” Wojciech Nowak

“Excellent Course, masterfully presented, and truly inspiring. This course immediately engages & inspires you take take action and begin developing your own Udemy content library. Not only is this a “How To” but it also involes great detail on marketing strategies, that quite frankly, I do not see on many of the other courses in my niche category. I am excited to begin filming very soon at taking massive action toward making some extra income online”. – Faraad Haashim

“Fantastic course. Jimmy covered off everything I was interested in. Plus, his support is incredible – answered ALL my questions super fast. Thanks Jimmy!!” – Kirill Eremenko

“Outstanding Content & Delivery! This is actually my first Udemy review I have written. I have been through a number of course and feel COMPELLED to write a strong 5-star review for Jimmy and this course. Not only is Jimmy’s character and expertise very impressive, but his delivery and professional production is SO much higher than all the other courses I have previously consumed…” – Janet Bruno

“Excellent information. I just published my first Udemy course and will definitely take in some of your advice on presentation style and points you bring out in the (pre, during and post launch phases) marketing sections. Very professional and well done”. – Andre Kasberger

Who this course is for

  • Anybody who is planning to create an online course
  • Current instructors who want to improve their courses
  • Businessmen who plan to build their brand online