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Docker is an extremely powerful tool for running and managing containers. Currently, Docker is the industry-leading container runtime platform and offers a colossal number of features revolving around container management, plus orchestration. This course serves as preparation for learners who seek to pass the Docker Certified Associate certification exam offered by Docker. Ultimately, the certification exam aims to validate one’s skills as a Docker practitioner. In this course, we will dissect both the concepts and objectives needed to use Docker effectively. Learners will also uncover how to leverage core features contained within Docker Community Edition (DCE), as well as the additional features offered through Docker Enterprise Edition (DEE). **Note**: The DCA now includes Kubernetes content. We are working on updating the materials to address the exam changes.

All questions has an explanation making reference to Docker Oficial Documentation, the book “Docker Deep Dive”(Nigel Poulton) and Technical articles.

Final results of the Practice Exams will show your performance by subject areas according to Oficial DCA Study Guide.

I got my DCA Certification recently, and I mean that if You get 85% on each practice exam , You are Ready to get your DCA certification!!

Of course, You have to study each topic and practice in available Labs on Internet such as Katacoda or Play with Docker. But, pay attention!! Only candidates that is practicing to answer practice questions it will br prepared to get certified.

A Must read book is “Docker Deep dive” (Nigel Poulton). Independently if you will apply to the exam or not, read this book.

Read this book, practice on Katacoda or Play with Docker and finally practice answering these Exam questions until get +85%. Once you get +85% on each exam , schedule your exam.

REAL Exam Details

  • 13 multiple choice and 42 discrete option multiple choice (DOMC) questions in 90 minutes

  • Designed to validate professionals with a minimum of 6 to 12 months of Docker experience

  • Remotely proctored on your Windows or Mac computer

  • Available globally in English

  • USD $195 or Euro €175 purchased online

  • Results delivered immediately

Who this udemy coupon course is for

  • Docker Engineers