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The HashiCorp Certified: Terraform Associate practice exam offered in this course have a passing score of 70% but I highly encourage you to repeat taking these exams again and again until you consistently reach a score of 90% or higher on it.

Remember that using this course alone does not guarantee you will pass the HashiCorp Certified: Terraform Associate exam as you still need to do your own readings and hands-on exercises. Nonetheless, these HashiCorp Certified: Terraform Associate practice exam can provide a comprehensive assessment on which knowledge area you need improvement on and even help you achieve a higher score!

This HashiCorp Certified: Terraform Associate: 150 Exam Questions course offers the following features:

150 TOP-NOTCH Questions – True/False, Multiple Choice, Multiple Answer just like the real HashiCorp Certified: Terraform Associate exam,  created after talking to over 20 students who passed the test.

CONTAINS A TEST REPORT – to track your progress and show you which Terraform knowledge areas you need improvement.

MOBILE-COMPATIBLE – so you can conveniently review everywhere, anytime with your smartphone!

RANDOMIZED QUESTIONS – The test questions and answer order is completely randomized every time you take the test. This prevents the unconscious memorization of the answers and ensures that you fully understand the concepts.

CLEAR AND ERROR-FREE QUESTIONS -Most answers come with a reference link or explanation that can validate the answer but you can also post in the QA section so we can discuss any issues.

About the HashiCorp Certified: Terraform Associate Certification:

The Terraform Associate certification is for Cloud Engineers specializing in operations, IT, or developers who know the basic concepts and skills associated with open source HashiCorp Terraform. Candidates will be best prepared for this exam if they have professional experience using Terraform in production, but performing the exam objectives in a personal demo environment may also be sufficient. 

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  • Students preparing for the HashiCorp Certified: Terraform Associate exam.
  • Students looking to test their knowledge of Terraform.