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Mastering SQL Query With SQL Server

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Course Description

This Course cover first two modules of 70-461 (Querying Microsoft SQL Server 2012/2014).

Topics we covered:

  • Create and alter tables using T-SQL syntax (simple statements):

    • Create tables without using the built in tools;

      1. ALTER;

      2. DROP;

      3. ALTER COLUMN;

      4. CREATE

  • Create and modify constraints (simple statements)

    • Create constraints on tables; define constraints;

      1. unique Key constraints.

      2. Default constraints.

      3. Primary Key constraints.

      4. Foreign key constraints

      5. Not Null constraints.

      6. Check constraints.

  • Query data by using SELECT statements:

    • Use the ranking function to select top(n) rows;

    • Restrict data using where conditions

      • IN Operators.

      • Between Operators.

      • Like Operators.

      • Conditional Operators.

      • Combine multiple conditions using AND / OR / NOT.

    • Sort Data using Order By clause:

      • Sort Data ascending and descending order.

      • Restrict Sorted Data Using Offset Fetch.

  • Modify data by using INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE statements:

    • Insert data into a table using insert statement.

    • Insert data using SQL server management studio.

    • Remove data using Delete statements.

    • Remove data using SQL server management Studio.

    • Remove data using Truncate statement.

    • Update data using Update statements.

    • Update data using SQL server management studio.

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Soon will upload more videos to explain module three and four for 70-641.

Who this course is for

  • Any students Plan to Get Certified AS 70-461
  • Those Who Are Planing To Clear Exam 70-461 “Querying Microsoft SQL Server 2012/2014”