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Stand Out With Unique Typography Designs

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Course Description

Selecting the perfect typography for promotional materials is a vital aspect of brand’s identity.

In this course you will learn how to create typographic designs from scratch.   

They will help you to establish a specific tone, to convey a meaning, or create a perception. You can create logos with these designs or you can add them to your promotional materials, to build recognition and deliver your messages efficiently. Therefore, you will learn how to design the visual voice of the written word.

We often see the same typography being used again and again in advertising and print media. Nowadays, when you see a company doing something different with text you’re more likely to pay attention.

It is important to create a clear brand identity, customers should be able to recognize anything you produce in both print and digital media. One of the easiest ways to do this is create consistency using custom typography. 

When used correctly, typography can convey a certain mood or feeling. Having the appropriate typography design sets the tone of your message before the audience even begins to read it.

Every typography design that you choose either adds or subtracts from your brand’s personality. That’s why you have to invest in typography that best reflects brand’s personality.

Navigating the world of typography can be confusing particularly if you’ve never thought about it before. But that’s fine, you don’t have to be a designer or typographer to reap the benefits of a good type design. This course will teach you typography design without requiring any previous graphic design experience.

If you want to:


–   Attract and hold the audience’s attention


–   Make your message reader friendly


–   Establish information hierarchy


–   Create harmony


–   Build recognition   

Enroll in this course and learn Typography Design A to Z 

Who this course is for

  • Everyone interested in typography design