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Working with Dates in Excel - Date Functions and Date Format

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Course Description

This course focuses on using dates in Excel.  Learn how to enter dates correctly on a worksheet including some really useful shortcuts. Understand how Excel stores dates and to overcome common problems with using dates.

Master how to perform calculations on dates – calculate the number of days, months and years between two dates, what day of the week your birthday will be in 20 years time. remaining working days in a month, when an invoice is due or what to charge a customer on a pro rate basis. Discover the power of date calculations that keep themselves up to date based on the current date. 

Date Functions featured in the course are:

TODAY() – calculations on the current date
DATEDIF() – calculate the difference between two dates in years. months and days
WORKDAY() – calculate when you will finish a task based on working days
NETWORKDAYS() – calculate the number of working days between two dates
EOMONTH() – calculate on month end or beginning of month dates
EDATE() – calculate on months
DATE() – calculate on years, months or dates
DATEVALUE() – convert text dates to number dates
DAY(), MONTH(), YEAR() – extract parts of a date to perform calculations or analysis
WEEKNUM, ISOWEEKNUM – calculate the week number for a specified date
WEEKDAY – calculate the week day for a specified date
YEARFRAC – calculate the portion of a year elapsed between two dates

The course also covers formatting dates including showing the day of the week as – Monday, Tuesday etc and creating custom date formats including your own text  Discover how to apply conditional formatting to dates to highlight dates this week, this month, this year, in the past or on the current date.

You will also learn how to create lists of dates easily and quickly including a list working days, week commencing dates or the same date each year/month.

Who this course is for

  • Anyone who uses Excel at home or at work